Welcome to SHIMA 1st Annual Conference 2020


Empowering Health Information Management Professionals

The Health Information Management (HIM) field is developing rapidly and has major influence on the modern approach of healthcare. In Saudi Arabia, steps are steady and consistent towards the goal of making the Saudi healthcare system an ideal and serves as a benchmark for other countries around the world. If you are a Healthcare Administrator, Medical Educator, Public Health Specialist, Health Informatics Specialist, HIM Specialist or if you are an ambitious student who is looking forward to be updated on HIM latest trends and updates in Saudi Arabia and globally, you are more than welcome to join us in SHIMA 1st Annual Conference to discuss the recent advancement and developments in the HIM profession



  • Presentations by national and international renowned speakers from leading healthcare organizations.


  • Interactive sessions.


  • Case discussions.


  • Hands-on workshops.


  • Networking platform.



  • Discuss the recent advancement, developments, and updates in the HIM profession, strategies, and systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Review some of different countries experience related to HIM profession, strategies, and systems.


  • Describe some of the best practices in the HIM field.


  • Identify the importance of HIM Role profession in Revenue Cycle Management.


  • Recognize the role of Clinical Document Improvement (CDI) and Clinical Coding in enabling the healthcare transformation and achieving the objectives of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030

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